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Cruise the Florida Coast in Style with Spirit Yacht Charter

By Christian Burney

Spirit Yacht Charter is a sailing and yacht service that offers expeditions to couples, groups and personal parties on half- or full-day ventures. "As is typical of all fine Tropical Sailing Yacht Charters, we can provide an array of world-class meals," says Director of Sails Greg Lowe. The charter offers gourmet breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner catering; whatever may fit its guests' needs.

The charter takes its guests to several areas up to three miles out along the Fort Lauderdale coastline. "We offer sailing and snorkeling cruises along the coast. In Miami, we offer cruises in Biscayne Bay and surrounding islands and sand bars. In both areas we can swim or play and enjoy fantastic sunset cruises."

For Lowe, his favorite sea-faring experience is aboard a Spirit Yacht Charter's sailboat. "You can't beat the amazing quietness when the sails are up and motors are off," Lowe says. "With the wind in your face and the rhythm of the sea."

Lowe explains that the ever-present motor hum is what's most noticeable between sailboats and motorboats. "I had one captain state, 'When you are on a sailboat, you are already there'. In other words, there is no rush to anywhere."

Spirit Yacht Charter accommodates parties of all sizes at any time. The charter is ready to set sail whether its guests are private or corporate and can schedule excursions for night or day, and it takes orders at short notice. Spirit Yacht Charter is happy to host weddings, corporate meetings and events. It specializes in fun-filled watersport activities like jet skiing, snorkeling and island exploring.

"A couple trips include swimming with water toys," Lowe says. These include a water slide, water trampoline, and snorkeling. "Other cruises offer kayaks, paddle boards, swim noodles and more. And a sunset cruise is always a great way to end the day."

The charter's helpful sales agents make booking an all-inclusive sailboat or yacht, even at short notice, quick and simple. "It's an easier way for you to choose just what you and your group want to do," says Lowe. "What items you would like available to you, and what details you just gotta have - all with reasonable pricing made simple and easy-to-understand."

If gourmet food, access to a premium bar and cruising the coast of Florida sounds interesting, Spirit Yacht Charter can be contacted at either its Fort Lauderdale or Miami locations.

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