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Coverage Basics for Home Insurance: An Interview with Linette Capritta of Robinson Insurance

By Linette Capritta

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

Robinson Insurance has been family owned and operated since 1959! John and MaryAnn Robinson founded the company, then passed it to their son Fred Robinson upon retirement. Fred now has 15 licensed employees, most of who have been with us 10+ years! I started with the company back in 2007 when I was still a student at UCF.

After graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication and minor in Psychology, I continued to grow with Robinson specializing in homeowner's and rental home insurance. Our agency offers all lines of insurance, including auto, flood, commercial packages, umbrella, health, and life.

Is there something about home insurance that most people in BREVARD don't know that they should know?

There are many topics to cover here, but if I had to choose one to share with the public, it would be the benefits of an independent agent. Many consumers are under the impression that all agents represent only one carrier. That is the case with many agents, but with an independent agent, like Robinson Insurance, the agency represents multiple carriers.

The benefit is, if you're unhappy with your renewal rate, you can call your agent and ask them to re-shop your coverage. In other words, you don't have to call another agent to get a different policy. That said, there are different sized independent agents, and some smaller agencies may not represent as many carrier options as larger independent agents. Robinson is one of the largest agencies in Brevard representing over 50 carriers.

When would a homeowner want to consider high value home insurance?

Most carriers consider a home with replacement value of $1M or more to be high value. However, our agents can tailor your home insurance to your needs. For example, if you have a $500K home, and have high value personal property, we can schedule those specific items to your policy to ensure the appropriate values are provided to you in the event of a loss.

What type of coverage does someone who owns a home on the coast in BREVARD need?

WIND COVERAGE! If the home is owner occupied, we will offer an HO3 special form homeowner's package including wind (hurricane) coverage. If the home is tenant occupied, we will offer a DP3 special form rental package with wind. Secondly, FLOOD COVERAGE! Flood insurance is never included in a standard property insurance package. It is an additional policy available for purchase through the National Flood Insurance Program. Our agents will recommend flood insurance to you, and give you the option to reject it if your mortgage company does not require it.

What's the difference between a vacant and an unoccupied home when it comes to insurance needs?

The definitions of vacant and unoccupied homes vary between carriers; this is why it's important to have a seasoned agent in your corner to know which type of policy you need.

Do you have a tip for BREVARD homeowners to help them save money on their home insurance premium?

I cannot express enough, the wind mitigation inspection is the best way to discount premium. We've seen premiums discounted up to 40%. Therefore, it's very difficult for agents to give consumers a "ball-park" quote without having this inspection. We often cringe when our customers decline to hire a wind mitigation inspector, because as consumers ourselves, we can't stand the thought of someone potentially paying higher premiums than they should be. Even if your home is a many miles from the coast, you could still see tremendous savings from this inspection.

What's the best way for people to get in touch with you and your company?

Of course, nothing beats an appointment with face to face, hand-shake communication. However, we understand people are busy, as are we, so we welcome all channels of communication. Our telephone # is 321-723-1278, email is RobinsonIns@cfl.rr.com or you can submit a quote / contact request through our website www.RobinsonInsurance.com.

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Linette Capritta is an Insurance Agent at Robinson Insurance.

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