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Carpet Cleaning 101: An Interview with Joseph Wargo of Bold City Carpet Care

By Joseph Wargo

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I started Bold City Carpet Care in 2000 while I was still a technician for Johnson and Johnson. I actually had no prior experience in the field as I was a technical guy (troubleshot robots and high speed manufacturing equipment). I started out part time and did a few restaurants at night and a few homes. After I decided to leave my job, I tried numerous means of advertising and took more and more classes and acquired more certifications. I eventually attained the IICRC's highest level of certification of Master textile cleaner. I am always reading and learning the latest things and try to stay in front of my competition by knowing how to solve more problems for my clients and always doing my best to provide them an outstanding experience.

What do you advise homeowners on how to tell when their carpet needs cleaning?

For most people once a year is about right. I don't recommend ever going more than 18 months. Also, if you still have a warranty, exceeding that time frame will certainly void it. It is important to clean for health, not just appearance. Carpet is a great big filter. It accumulates dust mites, dust mite feces, environmental contaminates, and more. Even if it looks clean, you want to regularly remove these contaminants. If the carpet does begin to appear soiled, then it may need cleaning sooner than a year depending on use.

What are the dangers and health hazards homeowners risk when they put off their carpet cleaning for long?

Individuals with allergies are more affected by dust mites and contaminants than others and may even need to clean quarterly. For everyone, it's just like anything else, you wouldn't wear your clothes and not wash them. There is a lot of gross stuff accumulating in your carpet, especially if you have kids playing on it, you want it be sanitary. If you have pets and they have had some accidents, well you really want to have that treated and flushed out and that contamination removed as that is extremely unhealthy!

Another issue with waiting too long is that soils actually damage the fibers and dull and scratch them. You may eventually get permanent traffic patterns by putting off regular cleanings. I often wonder why people spend thousands on nice carpeting, and destroy their investment by not spending a few hundred maintaining it properly.

What are some common issues you face when it comes to cleaning carpets and floors?

Issues I run across cleaning carpets include dark black lines along walls called filtration soil which are very difficult to remove. Color stains such as red and yellow on nylon carpet can be permanent. Pet urine is tough, but many of even these tough problems can be solved or at least improved in most cases.

What do homeowners need to know or ask the contractors before the cleaning process is started?

Check out the reputation of who you are using. Use multiple sources if possible such as Angie's list, reviews on Google, etc. Check to see if the technician is IICRC certified. This will increase the likelihood of having a knowledgeable individual cleaning your home or business. Make sure you make clear if you want any items moved, and make sure if they do move items, that they have blocks or tabs placed under them so furniture stains are not created.

What is your favorite advice to give when it comes to carpet maintenance?

Vacuum regularly! Use a high quality beater bar vacuum unless it is smartstrand. In that case, follow manufacturers recommendations. Reapply carpet protector after cleaning. This can save you from getting permanent stains from spills and will help your carpet stay clean longer. There is a big difference in outcome between different cleaning companies, don't just assume, "It's just carpet cleaning." and go down the list on Google until you find the cheapest price. You will almost always regret that decision.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

I can be reached by phone at (904) 509-7141, my website is boldcitycarpetcare.com where I have a lot of good information about my service, and my email is boldcitycarpetcare@gmail.com. Soon, I may have a system where you may actually schedule your service right off my website as it links right to my schedule showing available appointment times.

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