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Buying a Home in Orlando: Home Security

By Gordy Haynes

Buying a home is much easier now than it was a year ago for an established working class family. As credit eases a little and the strain of holding so much inventory continues to take a toll on the banks and distressed property owners that just need to sell, the buying opportunities are real... Orlando is one of the most beautiful places you can live. A city that offers everything a young family raising kids and still in their acquisition years could want all the way through to a retired couple or a single person looking for a special environment that offers everything from the bright lights of a big city to the quiet charm in the shadows of the suburbs, to all the medical facilities and travel access that are so important to the senior years of our lives: Orlando has it all.

And if you're a seller, you know there's a demand right now, but: you really need to be priced and structured for a successful sale listing because you know buyers today understand the advantage is in their court. So be sure to price your home for both the market competition and be sure you offer real home ownership value by the condition your home is in. Be sure it is clean, has great curb appeal and is also is well maintained. Have your home inspected by an experienced home inspector or licensed Orlando general contractor to better understand the issues a buyer's inspector will find. Go ahead and do the replacement or repairs your inspection discovers and pay attention to your listing agent on how to create really great curb appeal.

I suggest offering top dollar to your brokerage firm and even offer an incentive if your home sells within the first 30-45 days being listed. And remember, you NEVER WANT TO CHASE THE MARKET. We all want top dollar when we sell, but the deal now is in the buyers court. So create a plan for success that will ensure you won't be chasing the market with a lower and lower listing price. Be sure your listing agent is experienced and understands what it takes to make a home sell. You can learn this by examining his or her sales over the last two years and comparing those sales to other agents you may be considering. It is always in your best interest to have experience on your side. Especially in this tight market, "on the job training" is poor structure for both a seller and a viable Orlando home buyer.

I'm Gordy Haynes, and I'm in the Home Inspection and Orlando Home Improvement Business. These are my thoughts on buying and selling homes in Orlando. However, there is also an important new niche development in our company, and it's a focus on Orlando Home Security. Because where you live doesn't matter anymore: home security is something that is on everyone's mind. Regardless of your income level, you want the best home and business security you can afford. It just a sign of the times. We have been providing home security systems and Orlando home alarms systems (both Orlando wireless home security systems and hard-wired alarm systems) with all our new construction and Orlando home improvements for more than twenty years now. And as times changed (and are likely to continue to become more stressful regarding your family's home security), we saw the need to create a special home and business solution that would include a much better business and Orlando home security option for all families and businesses.

The sorts of home security that we offer - and that you should consider for your home - range from ballistic-rated and secure panic and safe rooms and emergency communications though our central monitoring station, to simple yet effective new technology for locks, entry and access control, and advanced CCTV that can be monitored from anywhere. Gauge your own level of concern and budget for security when deciding how to upgrade the security of your own home, and then call a company such as ours to gather more information and put your ideas into action. Technology has become so very advanced now and what was once unaffordable for working class families is now, in many cases, just a phone call away.

Until next time,
I'm Gordy Haynes

Let Florida State Homes coordinate a great property in the Orlando area for you and your family, then call Gordy Haynes, State Certified General Contractor, LLC for all your Inspection, Construction and Security needs. Remember, it's up to you to take control of your destiny. The choices will be much easier when you're informed.

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