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Boca Raton's Grandview Prep Excels at Preparing Students for the Future

By Elisha Neubauer

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Boca Raton has long been known for its glorious beaches, spectacular weather, and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. While it draws both tourists and Florida residents in droves, the quaint little town packs more than just a day on the beach, as residents of Palm Beach County can attest. Home to Grandview Preparatory School, Boca Raton aims to produce students fostered in excellence and creativity unlike any other.

The history of Grandview Preparatory School isn't long enough to fill a tome, but the school has managed to accomplish quite a lot in its almost 20 years of operation. The school, an independent college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational facility, was opened in 1997 and has since offered enrollment options to students from PK3 through 12th grade. According to the school, "Students discover their talents, create their own path, engage in meaningful activities, and contribute to the community," through the use of modernized learning experiences.

Michelle Olson-Rogers, Associate Director of Advancement, explained to us exactly what the difference is between an average private school and a college preparatory facility. "A college preparatory school prepares students for success in a college or university setting and for life beyond that," she details. "Grandview Preparatory School offers a personalized education in a beautiful environment in Boca Raton that fosters creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and passion."

The school strives for academic success to be achieved by each and every student. Their unique programs and class structure helps to ensure this success across the board, in addition to encouraging students to be active in the community, the arts, and in athletics. One such program is entitled the Innovation Program. Director of Innovation, Samuel Berey tells us that the program is a personalized learning experience tailored to the student's needs and is available to highly motivated students from 1st grade to 12th grade.

"The course of study is customized based on the skills and interests of the individual student," states Berey. "It is made up of advanced curriculum and the completion of an in-depth, 100% student-run project using their passions to enhance innovation and connect to the community." The program, now in its second year, combines the foundational requirements of a traditional curriculum with the flexibility to move students at his or her individual pace and content area of interest.

Another feature that sets Grandview Preparatory School apart from average public or private institutions is the student's ability to create a customized class schedule. "This unique feature of Grandview offers them the opportunity to learn on their own time, allowing students to place additional focus on off-campus practices and passions," said Director of Advancement Alan Stob. "For example, a sport, a college course, or internship."

The establishment also focuses on those not quite ready to walk their halls. "In 2014, we developed a comprehensive "Mommy & Me" program for both babies and toddlers," Olson-Rogers proudly states. "No other preparatory school in our area has a program like this for children under the age of three."

Personalized class schedules, innovative courses, community programs, and a focus on arts and athletics alike are all perks students enjoy from enrollment at Grandview Preparatory School. But, students of the institution receive so much more than just course-related perks. They also get personalized support. "Grandview Preparatory School allows students the freedom to explore their passions and encourages its students to participate in a wide variety of activities and interests," Olson-Rogers affirms. "Our community is caring and committed to our students."

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