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At Matt Johnson Music Studio, Students Learn Musical Skills For A Lifetime

By S. Mathur

He is Cooper City's eminent musician, a composer of original works and an innovative teacher. Matt Johnson has been giving piano lessons since 1977, but his musical journey started much earlier.

"Growing up listening to my father play the piano peaked my musical interest," he said. "He taught me several pieces and then I began formal piano lessons when I was six years old. After 10 years of musical studies, I began teaching my friends and family?and I've been teaching ever since."

Johnson trained as a classical pianist and has won many awards as a performer. He made the transition to composing his own pieces and performing them in various venues including large concert halls, jazz clubs and soirées. From his studio in Cooper City, FL, he now uses the new technology to make his work available as CD recordings, and also as written scores available as pdf files. His music is also available on his YouTube channel.

Matt Johnson

Johnson teaches piano, theory, composition and the art of music notation or engraving, beginning with students as young as six years old. Giving students musical skills and understanding allows them to learn and play any kind of music. To this end, Johnson teaches students not only to read the written notational language of music, but also chordal and rhythmic understanding in the literature.

"Additionally, after learning to play the score exactly as written, I teach students how to supplement the music by adding notes and changing up the rhythms," he said. "With these goals in mind, I embrace the traditional Classical literature, but am also inclusive of other styles as well such as Pop, Jazz, Gospel, etc. Students are encouraged to bring in pieces they want to learn, thus sharing in the ownership of the literature selected for study."

Johnson enjoys working with beginners as much as advanced students.

"While each student's preferred learning style is embraced and utilized, focus is also given to the development and combination of a variety of learning characteristics, as further aids to learn and play more musically," he said. "My global educational goal for my students is to teach and empower them to learn for themselves. I aim to create new masters, musicians that are knowledgeable and functional, rather than simple Followers who are forever dependent on musical assistance."

Students are expected to practice daily to hone the skills that will be most beneficial through their lifetimes. Johnson's musical skills and experience also help students to see the bigger musical picture and the real world applications of their music.

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