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An Education in Contemporary Art with Adamar Fine Arts

By S. Mathur

Adamar Fine Arts has been around for 30 years and is a premier part of the art world in Miami, FL. As Owner Tamar Erdberg says, at this time a visit to the gallery is a education in itself, given the range and depth of the collection. The works exhibited cover contemporary art and in particular, Pop Art.

Erdberg explains the chronological classification of western art: "The art world is defined by three distinct periods, Old Masters, Modern and Post Modern, and Contemporary. Our gallery deals in contemporary art - that is artists of today and of the last 30 years. We have always developed a niche in the Pop Art market because we started to collect pop art personally in the 80's and just continued after that."

Pop art emerged in the 1950s and '60s in Britain and the US with the often ironic inclusion of images from popular culture, the comics and advertising. It was a departure from the prevailing trend of abstract art, and marked a return to representational art. Some of the best known examples of this type of art have become popular culture icons in themselves, like Andy Warhol's paintings of tins of Campbell's soup and of Marilyn Monroe.

"Picture of Poem", by Djawid Borower

Adamar Fine Arts houses works by some of the most important artists in this school, including Warhol, Katz, Lichtenstein, Haring, Miro, Picasso, Dali, Sultan, Christo, Dine, Tamayo and Lam, as well as works by many other international and local artists.

Over the years the gallery has become an important part of the local art scene in all its facets, says Erdberg: "In that time we have had the opportunity of dealing with every facet of the art market, from important blue chip fine art advising and placement to local hotel projects where we installed 145 works all done by local talent. There is not any area of the fine art market that we cannot handle with professionalism and expertise."

"Liz II.7 (1964)", by Andy Warhol

The gallery is committed to showing works by local artists and has helped many develop their careers over ten years or more. The gallery's overall mission changed over time and Erdberg says that "At this stage of the gallery we do not concentrate on developing new talented careers, but rather we focus more on the blue chip market, with acquisitions and marketing important artists who have an auction record."

With over 30 years in the Miami Design District, Adamar had become a landmark of this downtown district of art galleries, design studios, shops and restaurants. And so, after 30 years, the gallery decided to become a virtual gallery in 2015 and is servicing its broad collector base through exhibiting at art fairs across the country, personal viewings and on line representation. It has become a resource for visitor and collectors, who trust and rely on its expertise and market knowledge.

Erdberg says "We encourage both novice and seasoned collectors to come to us for a comfortable, financially sound, and enjoyable gallery experience." With constantly changing exhibits and participation in arts fairs in Florida and across the country, the gallery continues to bring contemporary art to art lovers and collectors.

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