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AMP Hardcore Gym Pushes Gym-goers To The Limit In St. Augustine, Florida

By Paul Rowe

AMP Hardcore Gym is not your average gym. Founded by martial arts master Neil Chandler in 2014, AMP offers a wide variety of training styles and state of the art equipment all under one roof in St. Augustine.

After 40 years of martial arts in martial arts fitness, including extensive military and law enforcement experience, Chandler became disappointed with corporate gyms and the general direction of the fitness martial arts industry. This discontent led to the creation of AMP Hardcore Gym.

"In essence, the fitness community was splitting into factions, selling cheap memberships to herd as many people as possible through the door, then creating rules making it impossible for anyone serious about health to train, such as banning water bottles, sweating, grunting, and heavy lifting," Chandler said. "The martial arts industry became more and more about selling black belts to children."

After listening to the concerns of personal trainers and elite athletes alike, Chandler took it upon himself to create a fitness space for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. The goal was to provide a multitude of training opportunities in one location for one price.

"Instead of having to go to one gym for circuit training (crossfit), another for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and general fitness, and still another for martial arts and sport specific training, I created 5 gyms in 1," Chandler said. "I hired only experienced personal trainers with broad skill sets and good attitudes as staff, and created only two rules: everyone must get along and welcome new members, and clean and put away your equipment after use."

At AMP Hardcore Gym, beginners and seasoned fitness gurus alike feel as if they are working out in their own personal gym, surrounded by professional athletes who are always seeking to help them achieve their goals. The only gym in Florida with a complete gym, martial arts facility, and outdoor training area in one place for one price, AMP has embraced hardcore as a state of mind.

"Hardcore is a state of mind," Chandler said. "It is for those who have set goals for themselves and are determined to achieve them. Our members don't come to the gym to read the paper, work on their computer, spend hours talking in the locker room, on walk on a treadmill. They come in, put the work in that allows them to reap the rewards, and go home with the satisfaction of knowing they did their best to become their best."

This hardcore philosophy has helped transform St. Augustine gym-goers for the better. Every day, men, women, and children push themselves to their absolute limits at AMP Hardcore gym, fully embrace the motto "Go Hard or Go Home."

"We don't sell fluff or empty promises," Chandler said. "It's not easy when it comes to changing your mind and body, but it can be fun! We are not selling a gym membership but offering an experience that will last a lifetime."

Thanks to Chandler and team of experienced fitness professionals, anyone at any level or age can be hardcore, changing their bodies and minds for the better. This is the kind of gym where 20-year-old athletes and 70 year olds train side by side, shouting encouraging words to each other from across the gym. At AMP Hardcore Gym, people from all walks of life come together to attain extraordinary fitness results.

For more visit amphardcoregym.com/.

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