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American Nautical Services Brings Navigation into the Digital Age

By S. Mathur

American Nautical Services has been proudly serving the maritime industry in South Florida since 1977. American Nautical Services (ANS) specializes in distribution of nautical charts and publications both in paper and digital format to SOLAS class vessels and U.S. domestic commercial/private vessels. ANS is a seasoned nautical chart agent in the U.S. and is an International Admiralty Chart Agent on behalf of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. ANS is committed to helping mariners adopt and use digital charts and publications as navigation methods continue transitioning into the digital arena.

Charles Hays, Sales & Marketing Manager, notes that maritime industry technology has changed dramatically: "One of the most significant advancements in marine technology has been the wide embracement of using electronic charts and publications to navigate at sea. Ships to which Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) chapter V paragraph 2.10 applies to must be equipped with an Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) to comply with chart carriage requirements. An ECDIS is used to digitally navigate using electronic navigation charts in lieu of using traditional paper nautical charts for ships."

The U.S. Coast Guard in their recent circular NVIC 01-16 (COMDTPUB P16700.4) will now accept the use of an Electronic Charting System (ECS) to satisfy the nautical chart carriage requirement in §33 CFR 164.33 for domestic U.S. vessels who wish to voluntarily elect to use electronic charts instead of paper charts. The ECS must meet the updated July 2015 Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services Standard (RTCM 10900.6) and the ship must have the required back up arrangements in order to be acceptable.

One of the most popular electronic chart services ANS offers for ECDIS/ECS is the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), which, "is the most robust and comprehensive, official digital chart service available in the world today," says Mr. Hays. AVCS offers over 12,500 electronic navigation charts (ENCs) from official government hydrographic offices worldwide, quality assured by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO)." AVCS is available in IHO S-63 / S57 industry-standard format assuring compatibility with all type-approved ECDIS. AVCS is also compatible with many lower grade non-commercial electronic chart systems (ECS) for mariners who wish to use AVCS to digitally navigate on U.S. domestic vessels. Updates can be received using discs that can be mailed out monthly, or via chart updating software, depending on the customer's preference.

In addition to using digital charts mariners also use maritime digital publications as a way to keep up with regulations, navigation update changes, and help satisfy carriage requirements for publications to be onboard ships. Mr. Hays states: "Digital publications through the Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) and Electronic Nautical Publications (e-NP) for example help satisfy carriage requirements and are an attractive alternative as they provide an easier and faster way to apply update navigation information to a ship's publication portfolio saving mariners ample time. They also free up space on the bridge of a ship where space is a premium." ANS offers and supports ADP, e-NP, and other digital publications for navigation officers to choose from to make their jobs easier on the bridge.

ANS is committed to supporting the maritime industry by providing the highest quality nautical charts and publications in paper and digital format for maximum satisfaction. Your sailing voyage begins here!

To learn more, feel free to check out the videos below: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHW71dHVyWQ

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