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Achieving Better Balance, Coordination and Overall Health at My Absolute Pilates

By S. Mathur

Pilates can help anybody to become more flexible and active, and to feel better. The exercises were developed in Germany over a hundred years ago, and were first used to help the survivors of First World War battles. Joseph H. Pilates, the founder of this method of exercise, moved to the US in the 1920s. The method became popular when dancers found that it helped with their work.

Maria Medley, Owner of My Absolute Pilates, says that "Pilates has a proven success record with visible results. Pilates has became popular in recent years because it went mainstream with a new generation of teachers that introduced it to the world." The reason for its popularity is that Pilates goes you a healthy body that looks good. What's not to love? And it's suitable for anyone from ages 6 to 106, improving balance and coordination.

Pilates focuses on strengthening the Power House, which consists of the abdominal, hip, lower back, and gluteus muscle regions. It helps to build and maintain muscle strength, tone, flexibility, and to reduce lower back pain. Medley says that there are many benefits to doing Pilates. These include longer, leaner muscles; improved posture and elimination of postural problems; and improved core strength and stability as well as peripheral mobility.

The exercise will help prevent injury, enhance ease of movement, and improve balance, strength and flexibility. It heightens body awareness, which spills over into other areas of life as well. The no-impact moves are easy on the joints, and can be customized for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes. They complement other methods of exercise, and improve performance in sports, as well as overall balance, coordination & circulation.

The Pilates method should be taught by a certified teacher who has "the proper training to teach the exercises in a controlled and safe manner," says Medley. The studio uses different types of Pilates equipment, though all focus on the same goal: strengthening the core. Medley says: "At this studio we work out on the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ball and Mat. All of these machines give you a full body workout. Trying a class at this studio you will get a thorough workout in a controlled manor where you will see results you want without harming your body."

The studio offers private sessions, as well as apparatus and mat classes. The Private Pilates sessions help clients meet their personal fitness goals, and are especially suitable for recovering from and preventing injuries and illness, reducing lower back pain, maintaining health during pregnancy, regaining strength after child birth, training for an athletic activity or specific event, and body sculpting.

Clients find that Pilates and the studio live up to the promise: "The best Pilates studio around. Friendly educated staff. Clean open space. Try your first class for free. Call to reserve your spot today. You won't regret it." There's just one word of caution offered: Pilates can be addictive.

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