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Achieve Your Fitness Goals in a Community Driven, Friendly Environment

By Elisha Neubauer

It's no secret that CrossFit has grown in popularity over the last decade. You can't turn on a tv, computer, or open a magazine without seeing some mention of a CrossFit program. Gyms specifically aimed at the practice have begun popping up across the nation, and Saint Petersburg, Florida is no different.

Co-Owner Jen Hutson and Head Coach Olivia Pelts knew that the practice was one worth holding on to. "Crossfit elicits a sense of curiosity in the unknown and empowers individuals to explore facets of themselves that they may have left behind with their childhood, or perhaps didn't even know existed within them," they state. "New athletes are challenged to move outside of their comfort zone, pushed to limits they previously didn't believe that they could reach, and they're encouraged to have fun while trying new things within a broad community of individuals of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ages."

But, they knew he wanted to do one thing different than most other gyms and CrossFit centers in the area. "At Burg CrossFit you won't find mirrors, rows of machines, or waiting lines," they explain. "What you will find are barbells, bumper plates, rowing machines, pull-up rigs, and open space that facilitates lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling, running, and jumping. Performing these functional movements will optimize your physical capacity, whether in sport or just in daily life."

According to Hutson and Pelts, CrossFit is an experience unlike the average globo-gyms and private training facilities. "An ever-changing stimulus of constantly varied, functional movements, that are executed at high intensity keeps interest peaked and leaves the thinking to the coaches," they explain. "Skillfully designed WODs (Workout Of the Day) are prescribed containing core-strength and conditioning components in order to optimize physical capability in balance, agility, speed, stamina, flexibility, power, accuracy, coordination, and cardiovascular/respiratory endurance."

One of the biggest perks they pointed out is actually the scalability of the practice. "At Burg, we place a high value on being accessible to everyone no matter their fitness level," Pelts states. "The needs between a sedentary individual and an elite athlete vary by degree not by kind. That being said, CrossFit is for everyone and we are proving that within the different programs we provide at Burg, our free community workouts we host every Saturday and in our Revive program."

Aside from CrossFit, Burg CrossFit offers several other programs. "On Saturdays, we invite the community to join our members for a free team workout, which really helps to foster the sense of comradery that Burg CF is known for," says Pelts. "Additionally, our schedule boasts Endurance WOD, a Barbell Club taught by a USAW certified sports performance coach, and BurgFit which is a high-intensity bootcamp style class without technical barbell work."

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