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A Yoga Village Offers a Form of Exercise and Meditation to the Community

By S. Mathur

A Yoga Village is described as a community where the spirit can grow. Founded in 2007, it is a conscious community offering yoga classes in all styles, as well as concerts, a book club, workshops, massage therapy, Yoga Teacher Trainings, and community events like charities and potlucks.

Newcomers are offered an Explore Pass to try out the different classes, which include all yoga styles: Hatha, Amrit, Ashtanga, Hot, Kundalini, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Budokon, Pre-natal, Meditation and Gong. For $30, you get 30 days of unlimited classes to find the style that suits you best.

A Yoga Village differs from other studios in the area in that it includes and honors different styles of yoga, and in focusing on "the philosophical aspects to be incorporated into lifestyle changes that increase overall health and well-being," says Sunder Luber, Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher/Teacher Trainer.

Yoga is a discipline for body and mind, explains Sunder. Even as the postures begin strengthening the body, they quieten the mind: "Meditation is a practice of clearing out the garbage in our mind (subconscious clutter and limiting beliefs) that keeps us from being in our essence.

The result of a regular meditation practice can provide a stronger sense of calm and balance in your life, reducing stress and anxiety, and eliminating the need for coping mechanisms. Western science is beginning to prove how meditation changes the brain as well as provides many other benefits to overall health."

One of the intangible benefits of doing yoga is the sense of community, which gives people the support and confidence to be themselves. Sunder says that "We honor all styles of yoga, meditation and spiritual growth allowing each individual to explore and find their own way. We have a place for people to gather, practice in a calm and beautiful studio with the support of very knowledgeable and dedicated teachers."

Popular classes in include Kundalini Yoga and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program. This is an everyday style of yoga that includes meditation. The Alignment based Hatha yoga practice emphasizes healing, balance and strength. Amrit yoga classes use postures, breathing techniques and meditation to emphasizes core strength, deep relaxation and the use of Yogic techniques in daily life. All classes are open to students at all levels.

Beyond Addiction is a yoga-based addiction recovery program for individuals seeking to overcome addictive behavior, health professionals who work with addiction and certified Kundalini Yoga teachers.

Instructors are skilled practitioners who are committed to their students. Students value the peace and tranquility they find at A Yoga Village, which says Sunder, merges "the ancient wisdom and practice of yoga with the beauty and amenities of a modern day studio." Workshops, lectures and concerts strengthen the community spirit by bringing people together around specific purposes.

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