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4U Fitness Brings the E-Fitness Revolution to St. Pete

By Marina I. Jokic

A good workout doesn't have to take an hour in Daniel Nyiri's opinion. Owner of 4U Fitness in St. Petersburg, Nyiri runs the first EMS franchise in the U.S. The E-Fit or electro-fitness machine is the only device in the world cleared by the FDA, and the technology has spread rapidly across the world with over 1,500 locations.

The workout is performed twice per week for 20 minutes per session, and involves guidance by a professional trainer, which adds a customized touch. After each E-Fit session, the devices are locked and the data is saved for analyzation purposes. In that limited amount of time, the E-Fit machine stimulates nearly all muscle groups to build strength, endurance, and shed weight. The studio also offers yoga, kickboxing, and various other group classes.

"We developed a high-tech invention that allows you to get a three-hour workout in just 20 minutes," Nyiri said. "The bottom line is that [when you go to] a regular gym, you guess what you are doing, [while] a personal trainer will build the perfect plan for your body, body type, and your needs and goals that is more effective and safe," said Nyiri.

The workouts are safe and effective, and also scientifically grounded in that they are designed to stimulate nearly all muscle groups in a short period of time. 4U Fitness complements their workouts with a foolproof nutritional guide, which accelerates the effects of exercise, and teaches students a balanced lifestyle.

"At the end of the workout, we even do a cool-down setting to help recovery and prevent about 30% of lactic acid build up," Nyiri said.

4U Fitness has established their own academy which promotes education for their trainers, ensuring that they are up-to-date on the latest developments in fitness. In order to be qualified to work, trainers are required to pass all courses at the academy prior to operating any of the training systems. In addition to training their instructors meticulously, 4U Fitness invests heavily in research and development, and has completed many studies with numerous physicians, hospitals, and universities worldwide. Each year, they incorporate the latest technologies in their software and education.

"We only launch small group classes with a maximum of four people," Nyiri said. "The trainers all about the results, and it is really hard to find even four people with the same mindset, same body type, and same goal in mind."

They keep their classes small in addition to offering one-on-one training sessions. There are significant benefits to be reaped when training together in a group, especially in terms of moral support, motivation, and fostering of team spirit. 4U Fitness and their E-Fitness method have brought a revolutionary fitness technology to the people of St. Petersburg, one which has overtaken the world.

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