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26.2 CrossFit Proves Popular For Getting Clients Into Shape Fast

By Pamela Sosnowski

Since CrossFit was founded in 2010, its popularity has skyrocketed so much that there were over 10.000 CrossFit-affiliated gyms in the U.S. One of these is 26.2 CrossFit located in Melbourne, which describes itself as a "bare bones, work hard, and be proud of your results kind of gym."

With CrossFit, no two training sessions are ever the same. This high-intensity form of exercise (which is literally cross training) incorporates lifting, climbing, throwing, gymnastics and more to develop a person's strength, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, speed, agility, and more. CrossFit delivers a tough workout that for most of its devotees is as addictive as it is punishing. 26.2 CrossFit's owner, Allie Newell, likes to use an analogy of chicken and broccoli when explaining CrossFit's popularity.

"If all you ate was chicken and broccoli with some nuts you would be hitting all the macros your body needs to survive, grow, repair, and excel," he explains. "Your desire to eat that meal after say 2 weeks would be right up there with wanting visiting your in-laws for fun. An exercise program is much the same; it needs variance and flavor to have sustainability. In the human fitness market CrossFit meets that flavor demand. It's like the chocolate cake donut of getting in shape! There are many effective programs for getting in shape, CrossFit has simply made it easier to stick with."

26.2 CrossFit's name comes from the length of a marathon and thus, the gym specializes in helping runners achieve their goals. "We will teach you to run marathons with minimal training," says Newell. "If a long run is on your bucket list we show you exactly how to move so you can do it without getting a repetitive motion injury. We will show you how and why to move your feet, legs, arm, and even teach you breathing techniques. We also have strong man training in case you want to go the other way with your fitness."

Of course, the classes at 26.2 CrossFit are not just for runners; athletes of all sports as well as the average person looking to get into shape love the variety that CrossFit provides. Classes are 26.2 CrossFit are kept on the smaller size in case anyone needs extra attention with their form and technique while performing the exercises. In addition to the regular CrossFit sessions, the gym also offers a beginner's boot camp that is described as having "all of the elements of a CrossFit workout with a scaled-down intensity."

"Our boot camp is set up to teach you to move properly with and without weight," explains Newell. "Imagine learning how to move through your regular day without pain or better still have energy to be with your family when you get home. Our boot camp focuses on safe and proper movements. You will drop inches and clothes sizes yes, but your takeaway will be so much more profound."

The first session is complimentary so potential members can determine if CrossFit is right for them. There are no membership contracts to lock guests in, and a 10% discount is available for those in the military or working in an EMS profession (Newell himself has been a firefighter since 2000.) Personal training is also available with any of the gym's specialty coaches.

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