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Costa Farms Wants You to be 'Passionate About Plants'

By Kelly Church

Costa Farms is taking houseplants to a new level with their family-owned gardens in "plant paradise" Miami, FL. The company has several different farms in the Florida area, additional states and outside of the United States in China and the Dominican Republic. Costa Farms gardens more than 1,500 types of houseplants and ships them to retailers to sell. Justin Hancock, Horticulturist for Costa Farms, says the farming company provides all the support retailers would need to adequately sell houseplants and give consumers a great experience.

"Depending on the retail customer, their website may not have any information about plants or it might have a lot, so consumers can either start with the retailer and go to us if they don't find what they need or start with our website," says Hancock. "Whatever's easiest for them!"

The Costa Farms website even features their Dig In Blog, an opportunity to learn about different types of plants, how they can benefit a home and sharing their passion for plants. Hancock says there are studies that show that growing houseplants brings deep value to a person's home, even giving more than a 100% return of investment.

"It can also save you a lot of money to plant your own flowers ? you don't end up paying a landscaper for their labor, and depending on the landscaper, you might be able to get the plants less expensively by purchasing them yourself," Hancock says. "Planting flowers and other forms of landscaping can increase the value of your home."

For many, according to Hancock, incorporating landscaping sets a house apart from the others on its block. It gives homeowners a sense of pride in their property and creates a beautiful view when looking out the window from inside the home, allowing homeowners to enjoy their landscape even when they're stuck inside on hot summer days.

Costa Farms is also dedicated to giving back, keeping the community as healthy as possible. They are focused on being green and sustainable, constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In the spring of this year, the company installed more than 800 solar panels to their Miami headquarters. By installing these panels, they estimate they will be reducing their carbon dioxide emissions by nearly one half a million pounds, an equivalent of planting 56 acres of trees.

Additionally, they reduce even more carbon dioxide emissions through their strong recycling program that recycles nearly half a million dollars in their own materials and their customer's materials. They use a renewable potting mix made of coconut coir.

"As a plant company, doing our part to keep the world healthy is important to us," Hancock says. "One of our big messages is that indoor plants improve indoor air quality and indoor environments. They do the same outdoors, too!"

To find out more about Costa, visit their website at www.costafarms.com.

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