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It's All About The Water: Bringing Brooklyn Bagels to Florida

By Kelly Church

New York City is famous for many things, including its bagels. One Florida bagel and coffee company is trying to recreate that distinctive Brooklyn bagel taste- by making their own water!

COO Mike Welch at Brooklyn Water Bagels explains that the obsession with New York City water is nothing new. "Many restaurateurs have attempted to emulate the flavor of the water and have even tried shipping water from the New York City area to the location of their restaurant," Welch says. However, he calls the prospect of hauling water all the way to Florida "infeasible" due to both the cost and current regulations governing the transport of natural resources.

The solution at Brooklyn Water Bagels? A 14-stage proprietary water treatment system which replicates "the flavor of the water that flows from the Catskills Mountains and feeds into the artisan wells located in the Brooklyn area," according to Welch. The Brooklyn Water Works system filters the area's local water to its most pure state before mineralizing and chilling it. Welch says that after many years of testing, the company's water treatment system was successful in mimicking the "mineral content, flavor and temperature of Brooklyn water in any city and state."

At Brooklyn Water Bagels, water really is the most essential element. Not only do they use it to make their bagels stand out, they also use it in their other products: cookies, muffins, sandwich bread, and coffee.

"Coffee is 98% water," Welch says. "Our special Brooklynized Water is a key ingredient in our great tasting coffee. We purchase our beans through the world's coffee belt and buy only the top 3% of coffees in the world."

The coffee bean belt is a band of areas around the globe that are known for producing coffee in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and several islands. Brooklyn Water Bagels receives hand-picked Arabica beans from African and South American areas at 3,000 to 6,300 feet of elevation. They roast their beans to order and have them delivered weekly to maintain freshness and flavor. The in-house "Roastmaster" has been roasting coffee 26 years and personally tastes each batch for consistency and quality.

"As a result, the coffee is served at peak freshness, within seven to ten days from the time of roasting," Welch says.

Beans aside, it really all boils down to the water at Brooklyn Water Bagels. Welch stands by the company's slogan that, "It's All About The Water!-" and considering the effort this bagel shop goes to, one would be hard-pressed to disagree.

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